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We continue the series of astral projections today with the benefits of this extraordinary experience. What are the astral projections I explained yesterday yesterday, you must have found it at least interesting, if not crazy or stories of sleeping children, it is certain that to try something new you will first be asked with conscious visas, how can I help on me astral projections? “

Hi let’s see together what comes out:

1. It gives you the opportunity to explore beyond the physical senses. 

You will have first-hand experiences, you will be able to go beyond the limitations of the physical body and you will find the answers to all the questions: how the world was born, why does not love you x, why did the Egyptians not build the pyramids, a did Atlantis exist? Whatever you want, remember that the only limit that exists is you.

2. You remember previous lives. 

I was saying that the past, the present and the future are perceived as a single duration. This way you want to know where you have walked in other existences. You press a button (metaphorically speaking) and everything unfolds like in a movie. By revealing past existences, we will not know better, we will know why we have only suffering or only happiness.

3. Find out what your purpose is on this Earth. 

By remembering past lives you can remember why you chose to return to this Earth and what are the lessons you need to learn.

4. You fly. 

This is one of the most danced. Surely you have visited at least once that you fly over seas and countries, that you touch with your fingertips, that you play through the clouds, through space. Usually when we have the first signs of flying in the visa that we remember, our vibration has increased enough that I can cope after the next and consciously watch. I think this experience can be described in one word: FUN FUN FUN.

5. Meet light entities and masters. In the astral you can learn a lot. 

Communication is at the telepathic level, and books are read the same way. There the information is infinite. I was saying that this is actually the most beautiful thing you can do in the astral: learn and help. And beings of light are full of what they can give you from their knowledge. They come in many non-physical forms: mentors, masters, your higher self, helpers, guardian angels, etc.

Other benefits are general well-being, decreased level of hostility you show, increased paranormal abilities, accelerated personal development, overcoming and healing traumas, inner calm, increased need for information, respect for life, you can meet loved ones who they are no longer in the physical plane, the increase of intelligence and memory, of memories, the visitation of other planes, wisdom, spirituality, healing.

And more than that, perhaps most importantly, you will understand life after death. Through astral projection we can convince ourselves on our own skin that we are immortal, our soul is immortal. People who have at least an experience outside the body are completely transformed, they understand life on another level.

The fear of death is just a fear of the unknown, it is a dissonance on manipura, the vital center of being. Through dream yoga you will know that your life will continue well thanks to death. So the experience of death should not be seen as something negative, but as a continuation of the journey in a plan where everything is milk and honey, a continuous orgasm. Of course, if you don’t get to the lower astral, it’s up to you and your actions.

And another basic thing in astral projection that changes our perception of reality. These experiences show us that we are completely in control of our reality. If you want to fly, fly, if you want to have a house by the lake you have it.

When you die you return to the fourth dimension, the astral. If you are a good person, you go to the intermediate astral, to the double rainbows. In other words, you will create a beautiful reality. Good people create good things. You will enjoy the sun, wealth, emotions as deep as you want. If you are a spiritual person who works for evolution, you reach the higher astral, the true Paradise, where you can even choose not to return, because you have exceeded the vibrational level of the Earth, you have assimilated it. Or you will choose to return to help a soul or more to get here as well. In this plan you decide.

So we come to another concept that I wrote about before: duality and illusion. Only we see duality in what is actually emptiness: things, people, experiences. And this concept can be applied to heaven and hell, which are actually the faces of the same coin, neither good nor bad, it depends on you how you create this fourth dimension.

That’s why I keep saying that you create your own reality. It’s just that in this plan everything happens very slowly. It takes a few years to get your car or house off the lake, to read a book for a few days, and to reach a consensus with another person explaining things to him – a few hours. In reality, everything is denser, because the vibration is low, compared to the astral where everything is empty and therefore circulates much faster.

Photo sorce: Ryan McGinley, New York

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