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To dream means an unconscious astral projection. When you sleep, the soul leaves the body, that is, the 3D world we know as reality. This is due to the pineal gland (the most important part of the brain) that secretes Dimethyltryptine (DMT), which throws the soul out of the body while you sleep, when you are about to die or have a near-death experience. I will write about the pineal gland soon. The idea is that you have no control over the soul while you sleep, it is controlled by the subconscious. When you start projecting yourself in astral, it means that you consciously control your soul, where it travels, who it meets, what it does and you also remember the morning when you wake up. The ultimate goal is to project yourself at will even when you are not sleeping. I mean, you’re at the office, you want to take a break and take a bath in the Maldives, you close your eyes and you’re consciously there. This is the ultimate goal, but until then you imagine that metaphorically you have to walk to the Maldives, so if you go and keep going, you will finally reach your destination. 

Now that the techniques are many, some are closer to some, for others it does not work. Each of us is unique. 

1. Rope technique. 

This technique was formulated by Robert Bruce and is among the most effective. Our physical body is connected to the astral by a bright white string on which the spirit ascends into the astral. It breaks only at the moment of death, when the spirit does not return to the body. The technique is to imagine how you climb this rope, pulling your hands. You will feel a slight feeling of dizziness inside you as you pull on the rope. The process is done before falling asleep, taking into account what I told you in yesterday’s article. It is good to take into account each technique, if you want the projection to occur faster. Keep climbing on the rope until you feel vibrations and your body will go into a state of paralysis. Do not move, because the state immediately passes and you will feel liberated, as you leave the body. Words cannot describe the state of release you feel 

2. Be aware when you fall asleep.

The main element is the state between wakefulness and sleep, if you remain conscious in those moments you have danced in the astral. Sit on your back, relax your body and drive away obsessive thoughts. Tell yourself that you will notice yourself while you fall asleep. You have to be very clear and determined. As you relax you will notice all sorts of sensations in your body as you approach sleep. At a certain point the body will go into paralysis, you will feel it very hard, you will feel the need to move. You can feel certain parts like ants, vibrations from the feet to the top of the head, a buzzing in the ears. If you get here, you’re on the right track. Then you visualize yourself rising from your body to the ceiling, floating.

3. Monroe technique.

This doctor is one of the best known doctors who has researched this field. First you relax and try to fall asleep and find the state between wakefulness and sleep. Keep your eyes open and look through the eyelashes at the darkness around you. Then begin to induce vibrations through the body and intensify them. As you intensify them, the astral body separates from the physical one. When this happens you turn to one side (preferably left) and you will feel out of body.

4. Jumping technique.

During the day we often ask ourselves (at least once an hour) whether we dream or not. We ask ourselves so many times until we begin to doubt whether this is the reality or not. To figure out where we are we jump as if we want to fly. If we are in reality, we will land on the ground. But in the dream we will fly. When you do this for a week, your subconscious will get used to repeating the process in a dream and then you will immediately become aware and induce the lucid dream state.

5. Stretching technique.

Sit in bed on your back, relaxed, with your eyes closed. Imagine how your legs stretch, they become 10 centimeters longer. With this image in mind, let them return to normal. Repeat the process for the head, then bring it to normal size. Then alternate between the legs and the head, until you increase the distance between the normal and the stretched area by up to one meter. At this point imagine how you stretch at the same time on both sides. This exercise will make you a little dizzy and you will feel vibrations. After more practice you will start to experience the sensation of floating and you can tell that you are getting up to the ceiling.

I do not guarantee that it will work from the first, but any technique you try will surely feel something new, and there are no side effects. The worst thing that can happen to you is to fall asleep without feeling anything. Haha. But there is still one night tomorrow and you have all your life to practice. So don’t get frustrated when you don’t feel anything in the first few evenings. Over time, the results will appear. You have to be as open as possible and overcome your fears.


Photo source: Nicki Crock



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