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Today I’m going to write about a few things to keep in mind if what you wrote the other day seemed interesting to you and you want to experience the astral projections. Don’t expect things to happen overnight, remember that 99% practice makes as much as 1% of theory. However, there are some hooks that you can hang on to to make the transition faster.

Astral projections are not as rare as is thought, between 5-10% of the world’s population experiences them. Like anything else, it is learned through practice, the methods being endless, some work easier or faster and depending on the person’s resonance.

So before moving on to the methods, read the articles about astral projections and its benefits and then consider the following:

1. Keep a dream diary. 

This is extremely important because you will begin to program the subconscious to remember what you dream of and thus become conscious. When you wake up you stay in bed in the same position and try to remember. Recall a few times and then go on paper, on the phone or register. Even if you wake up in the middle of the night, write everything down.

2. Make sure you are in reality. 

During a day, ask yourself at least 10 times if you dream or not, if what you are experiencing now is reality or not. Does your reflection in the mirror look normal? Does your palms look normal? You can make a sign on your hand that you can look at all the time, and during the dream you will see that it is no longer there. When you notice this, you will realize that you are consciously dreaming. It is also a kind of brain training, we make him get used to a question that he constantly asks, and when he does it in a dream we will know that we had a conscious dream.

3. Repeat that you will have lucid dreams. 

Before falling asleep and throughout the day, tell yourself that you will remember what you dreamed. Try to fall asleep with this thought in your mind, to translate it into a dream, where you will remember that you are dreaming.

4. Identify your dream signs. 

Whether someone runs you, you fall, your teeth fall out, there is a lot of water around, they can also be reminded through a dream diary. When you have a sign in a dream again, you will know that you are dreaming.

5. Imagine your desired dream. 

Visualize yourself in a previous dream, but now relive the end differently. Then look for the signs in your dreams. Then tell yourself you’re dreaming. Even if you “dream with your eyes open” continue to experiment in this fantasy, also to program your subconscious to get used to lucid dreams.

6. Wake up at night. 

Studies show that waking up during the night increases the chances of remaining lucid in a dream. 3-4 o’clock is a good time to wake up, stay conscious for a few minutes, you can read something about the astral projections, meditate, visualize and then go back to bed.

7. Eat little at all before bed. 

If you have a full stomach your consciousness will go to the lower levels of the centers of force, from the stomach down which will transport you into worlds of low vibration or nowhere.

8. Increase your vibration. 

I was saying that the astral, the fourth dimension, vibrates at a much higher frequency, that’s why we can’t access it either because we don’t have the necessary frequency. And this astral is so malleable that once we get there it manifests after our vibration, so if we manifest low thoughts what we see will be a lower astral and we will have practically a nightmare. So meditate a little before falling asleep, do not drink alcohol, nothing hallucinogenic, keep calm and quiet, eat naturally throughout the day, these are all ways to increase your vibration.

9. Binaural music 

You can fall asleep to binaural music that helps you increase your vibration. You can read more about binaural tones here, and below a playlist with a lot of such music.

10. Feel good, relax and have fun. 

Astral projection is a wonderful experience so don’t be afraid to become lucid. You have nothing to be afraid of. Even if you meet entities that can scare you, remember that everything is a reflection of you. Love, forgive, because by doing these things you love and forgive yourself. And learn. There really is a place where you can develop spiritually at the speed of light.

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Foto: Julia Fullerton-Batten

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