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Astral projection is one of the most interesting experiences in your life. Imagine this scenario. Stay in bed, completely relaxed, with your eyes closed, but conscious. After a while you start to notice how your body becomes heavier, almost frozen and then you start to get up, floating a few inches above your physical body. You look down and notice how you sleep peacefully. You notice a bright white rope joining your body. You are calm, relaxed and awake. It is not a new sensation and you feel a state of peace, of liberation, all the limits have disappeared. You look around the room and everything seems bright, everything seems to have life, more vibrant. Then fly through the ceiling and further into the sky and see how your house becomes smaller and smaller, until you reach outer space. You think of a friend who lives on the other side of the earth and just thinking about you instantly reaches him in the house, you see him eating biscuits and sitting at the computer, he is dressed in shorts and a white T-shirt. Then you remember that it’s time to go back and think about your sleeping body, you visualize yourself again above your house, as you slowly descend through the roof and then into your body. You wake up and go to the computer. Your friend is on Facebook and you tell him what you dreamed. He is dismayed when he tells you that you are completely right.

This is the astral projection, the conscious dream, the dream and sleep yoga.

This phenomenon is the process by which human consciousness temporarily leaves the physical body and functions independently, while the latter remains passive in the state we know as sleep. The result is the visualization of the world from a different point of view than that of the physical body, by means other than the physical senses. During the astral projection you maintain a very high level of consciousness and you can remember every detail when returning to the physical body.

For many people, such experiences occur randomly while sleeping and are known as lucid dreams, near-death experiences, out-of-body experiences, or astral projections.

It may sound crazy, but it’s as normal a phenomenon as breathing. 91% of people experience these lucid dreams throughout their lives, only they are not aware that those events really happened and that’s because we do not train to remember them.

Astral travel has been known since antiquity. The Egyptians called the projections light bodies and left many inscriptions and drawings behind, through which the soul was portrayed as leaving the human body. The Tibetans called it the double body. Many philosophers like Plato, Heraclitus talk about it. It appears even in the Bible, in the Revelation of John. Studies show that one in ten people have experiences outside the body consciously or spontaneously. 

Spontaneous experiences can occur at any time, in sleep, while drowsy, when taking strong medications, during anesthesia, during an accident, or while meditating. To make this a controlled process means ad literam to leave in a controlled and conscious way, at will from the physical body.

The astral dimension

Before we go any further, let’s talk a little about dimensions – where our consciousness goes in such experiences. We will delve a little deeper into the fourth dimension, also known as astral space. In this universe all the senses are expanded, they do not correspond to those on the physical plane, but astral, and our body is plasma and can take any shape. Everything materializes in a simple thought. I want my best car, I think about it and drive it. I want the most expensive shoes in the world or to have a performance model / sports body, I think and they manifest. At first there is a tendency to want all sorts of material things, until we realize how unimportant they are and move on to more interesting things – studying and helping. Ah yes, and you can travel in a second anywhere on the planet. Here you are the only limit, it is the place where you can create anything. Gravity does not exist or at least you are not limited by it.

This astral plane has a much higher vibration than the physical plane, that’s why we can’t access it so easily, because we don’t have this vibration ourselves. This does not mean that he is not with us, in parallel, at all times. We exist in all these dimensions at the same time: physical, etheric (subtle / bioenergetic), emotional (astral), mental, causal and spiritual.

When you visit the astral plane you will see that you can reach lower or higher vibration planes depending on the center of force through which you come out when you sleep. In short, we can call them the lower, intermediate and high astral plane.

The lower astral plane vibrates at a very low frequency, and people who often have nightmares reach this level. But they do not happen by chance, but also because physically they have a low frequency, manifest negative thoughts, plant bad seeds against others, etc. This plan is dark and primary, some describe it similarly to Dante’s Inferno, others like Purgatory, many lost souls are here.

If you start to raise your vibration and practice spiritual techniques, you will be able to reach the intermediate plane. Here everything is extremely vivid, double rainbows, flower meadows, much more vivid and lively colors, you can compare it with the landscape in the movie Avatar (don’t think that those people took the universe out of the vacuum with glittering trees, giant fireflies and huge mushrooms). This place cannot be streamlined. Everything is surrounded by radiant auras. Time here is an illusion, it is distorted, everything happens at the same time, the past, the present and the future are perceived as a single duration.

The highest astral plane is also known as Paradise or Heaven in Christian culture. This place cannot be explained in words, there are no words for it. It is a pure, angelic space, in fact this is where the angels live.

I will stop here today, because otherwise I will write 3 more pages and you will not have the patience to read until the end. Tomorrow I will tell you more about the benefits of astral projections and how they will help you improve your life. Then throughout the week I will continue with articles on this topic including some techniques for beginners. And here, as in all spiritual practices, the ways are various to reach the same point. And all are correct, only some paths are straighter, others more detour.

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