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5 Efficient Techniques for Astral Projection

The idea is that you have no control over the soul while you sleep, it is controlled by the subconscious. When you start projecting yourself in astral, it means that you consciously control your soul, where it travels, who it meets, what it does and you also remember the morning when you wake up.


What you get from astral projection

What are the astral projections I explained yesterday yesterday, you must have found it at least interesting, if not crazy or stories of sleeping children, it is certain that to try something new you will first be asked with conscious visas, how can I help on me astral projections?


What is astral projection

I will stop here today, because otherwise I will write 3 more pages and you will not have the patience to read until the end. Tomorrow I will tell you more about the benefits of astral projections and how they will help you improve your life. Then throughout the week I will continue with articles…